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runners's Journal

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The Original Live Journal Runners Club
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Welcome to LJ's first (and largest) runners' community, created in August of '01 and active from the start! There's lots of great people here to talk all aspects of running with. We also have a daily and weekly training thread in which many of us contribute and discuss our goals and progress, which is often where people make their first post.

Please check out our memories section for frequently asked questions about everything running-related. Feel absolutely free to post a question whether it is in the F.A.Q. or not, if you feel that you need more information. We are always here to help, and always ready to provide new insights.

There are a small number of rules to be followed in runners:

1. This is a community about running and things related to running only, so please stay on topic - also, no advertising is allowed.

2. Don't belittle, intimidate, or otherwise make other users feel unwelcome and afraid to post.

3. Please do not post copyrighted material. A link to the article or webpage in question is appropriate.

4. Please place all fund-raising posts behind an <lj-cut>.

5. If you would like your race report post included in the race report section in the "memories", PLEASE remember to include the name of the race in the report, preferably the title. Thanks!

This community welcomes all levels of runners.
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