bozotkutya (bozotkutya) wrote in runners,

Back from the Polish swamp!

  I did the Bieg Katorznika swamp run this last Sunday! Promise to write a report soon, but for now, here's a photo of the awesome T-shirt we got and the medal which is actually a huge horseshoe made of solid iron and weighs approx 4lbs

This is the three of us before the start (I'm in the red top)

This is me right before the finish

There are no official photos as of yet, but I found a blog with really good pics CLICK

And if you CLICK HERE there's a video (Polish TV news program) where they talk about a marathon first, but at 1:15 it's ME emerging from the mud  under a wooden bridge :) Cool!
(I'm in the red(looks brown) top while my friend comes behind me in black) 

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